Weekly Roundup: Indra Nooyi’s Book Discussion, Community Building & Scaling Access

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Leadership Principles with Indra Nooyi

Last week we launched our much-awaited masterclass with Indra Nooyi. In less than a week of launch it has had 150,000 hits - thank you for sharing and engaging with the masterclass!

The masterclass is a reflection of her recent book ‘My Life in Full’ and explore her leadership journey and insights. This is her talking about Network Capital and our founder, Utkarsh Amitabh -

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To fully explore the depth and breath of her ideas, we have been organising offline meet-ups and coffee chats. We have two in Delhi and Bangalore in the past week, in the coming week we’ll be in Oxford. You can get access to city, sector and interest based subgroups once you subscribe.

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Making Network Capital Need-Blind: Subscription Sponsored by NC Patron Siddhartha Chaturvedi

Talent is equally distributed, opportunities are not. Today we are taking another step towards making Network Capital need-blind with the help of our patron and subscriber Siddhartha Chaturvedi, an INSEAD graduate working as the Director of Innovation and Society at Microsoft.

Read his article to learn more about why he is gifting 10 annual subscriptionsto those who need mentorship but can’t afford Network Capital. We deeply appreciate the gesture and look forward to doing everything it takes to bridge the talent-opportunity mismatch - step by step, ferociously.

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Community Building Fellowship

Network Capital is a community of 100,000+ verified millennials and Gen Z. It has grown without spending a single dollar on marketing. We have been featured in Harvard Business Review, World Economic Forum, Harvard Business School, TED and Mint.

In less than three years, we have scaled a community of 100,000+ members from 104 countries without spending a single dollar on marketing. In this fellowship, we will teach you exactly that. This fellowship is specifically designed for - 

  1. Individuals who want to start building their community right now.

  2. Companies who are attempting to build their communities and would like to train their employees 

  3. Community managers who want to get better at their jobs

  4. Curious and entrepreneurial individuals who want to grow by creating their tribe.

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The 2021 Edition of “Economic Possibilities for Y(our) Grandchildren"

Our grandchildren are unlikely to waste the economic security they will be bestowed with. It isn’t a guaranteed outcome but a likely one. The 22nd century challenge will be far more social and meaning-oriented than economic. In fact their economic possibilities will emerge from crafting social and communal experiences. Think of your neighborhood convenience store. Instead of just stacking up groceries, it might be the hub of dazzling experiences driven by technology but founded in human experiences.

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Art of creating win-win outcomes at scale

The key is to not exhaust yourself. Balancing your goals with that of others is critical. I try to do my bit to make others great but I know that I can only serve others if I take care of myself and remain energized by my core mission. I have specific time blocked on my calendar titled “Help Others”. I conduct office hours, make helpful introductions, point people to the right sources in this slot. This leaves me motivated to work on my personal and organizational goals for the rest of the day. I have noticed that when I am less structured about this process, my overall efficacy drops. I am unable to help others effectively and unable to make progress on my goals.

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