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🧑🏻‍🏫 Open House for Network Capital School for pre-teens and teens

🚀 Fellowship Announcements: The CEO Fellowship and ‘I don’t know what I want to do with my life’ Fellowship

📅 Upcoming Event: Career Essentials with Utkarsh Amitabh

✨ New masterclasses: Building Meaningful Careers as a PM with Director Product Management at Facebook Khushboo Taneja and Product Management Bundle that will give you in-depth knowledge and network for cracking PM careers

💌 Newsletters: Focus on 1 goal per day, Understanding self-deception: We’re all liars, aren’t we?, and How Peloton is Boosting the Passion Economy?

Network Capital School

The Network Capital School designed to help students build their category of one. On July 2, 2021 at 7pm IST we are hosting the first open house for prospective students to join in and learn about Network Capital School.

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Our school will complement the ongoing education in schools and focus on 4 key aspects - 

  1. Persuasive writing

  2. Powerful public speaking

  3. Critical thinking

  4. Micro-experiments to figure your purpose in life 

These skills take a while to build but pay off handsomely in the long run. Classes will take place once every week. Some of the world's most distinguished practitioners will teach and mentor your children.

Classes start July 10 and we look forward to the adventure ahead. Enroll nowWant a sneak peak into Network Capital School classes, watch this session with TED Fellow Rumaitha Al Busaidi.

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Network Capital Fellowships

There is no formula for self-discovery. There have, however, been some attempts in the form of psychometric tests, algorithms and guided medical trials. No success stories so far but perhaps that isn’t such a bad thing. It will be a tad disappointing to know that our professional futures can be charted out by rudimentary algorithms. That said, are these rudimentary algorithms any worse than current ways of figuring out what next? Who knows…..

  1. The CEO Fellowship

  2. ‘I don’t know what I want to do with my life’ Fellowship

Whether you are a high school student, college senior, young graduate, mid-career professional, you will need to learn to reinvent yourself multiple times. It isn’t easy and you can’t do it alone. That said, it can be heaps on fun if you do it with a cohort of people you resonate with.

This age-agnostic fellowship will help you learn new things, read charming content, meet interesting people and discover what piques your curiosity. No one else can tell you what you should do. The decision needs to come from you but there are some proven techniques that can help figure out the problem that needs you the most. Isn’t that what your work should be about?

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Career Essentials with Utkarsh Amitabh

Enrol for the Career Essentials Sessions

In this 4-week long career essentials series with Utkarsh we would be covering -

  1. The art of preparing for an interview on Jun 23, 2021 (recording available to subscribers)

  2. The art of preparing your CV and cover letter on Jun 30, 2021

  3. The art of writing a cold-email on Jul 7, 2021

  4. The art of effective networking on Jul 14, 2021

​Each session will be 60 minutes long and done in a workshop style format to help you understand each of these components well. These session are open for all Network Capital Subscribers to join.

We start with the second session is on June 30, 2021 at 9pm IST, join in!


Building Meaningful Careers as a PM Director Product Management at Facebook Khushboo Taneja

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Khushboo Taneja is the Director of Product Management at Facebook. In her current role, she supports the product management team that enables commerce across FB family of apps including Facebook Shops, Facebook marketplace and Instagram Shopping. 

Her team builds the commerce platform that enables: 

  • Buyer Experiences: Checkout and Post Checkout platform and experiences, Ratings and Reviews Platform

  • Seller Platform and tools: End to end seller platform and Facebook Commerce Manager that enables sellers to sell and grow their business on FB family of apps including on boarding, inventory management, order management, fulfillment, Shipping and Logistics, payouts, reporting & Insights and communication

Product Management Bundle

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Focus on 1 goal per day

Focusing on one goal per day can transform the way you get stuff done. Much has been written about time management but the literature often focuses on how we should work rather than what we should work on. This gives us the illusion that we can manage our attention effectively if we try hard enough.

Research makes it clear that 98% of us are not particularly good at multi-tasking. Despite that we juggle multiple priorities and struggle to make meaningful progress. Being busy and being effective are different things.

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Understanding self-deception: We’re all liars, aren’t we?

Our minds are not designed to see the truth. We see selective slivers of reality aka the convenient truths while having the illusion that we are seeing reality. We tend to prioritize functional truths over actual truths….

And it may not be such a bad thing. Think of anyone who has ever embarked upon a big, hairy, ambitious goal. The probability of success is tiny. That is the data-backed truth. Should we not try to do difficult things just because we are more likely to fail? With that mindset, no change will ever happen.

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How Peloton is Boosting the Passion Economy?

Founder and CEO John Foley calls Peloton a software, hardware, and content company. Foley is an engineer and competitive cyclist who started the company in 2012 because he and his wife couldn’t find the time to go to the gym. They felt that existing at-home workouts didn’t quite make the cut so they were stuck between a rock and a hard place. Around the time Peloton got started, there was a massive uptake in the demand for spin classes. People were looking for new ways to get fit and have fun through the process.

Foley’s genius was pairing indoor cycling with progressive technology and high-energy rides that users could access on demand at their convenience. Customers bought the super expensive bike and then took group fitness classes delivered over video. These videos have now transformed into highly curated immersive learning experiences, much like cohort based courses in the edtech space.

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