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🏁 Start of the Ed-Tech Fellowship on August 28, 2021 and registrations for the Sports Management Fellowship

🧑🏻‍🏫 Network Capital School Session with Sid Dixit (The Economist Group - BCG - Yale)

💌 Newsletters: Solving Unemployment by Playing Videogames, and “Everyone’s job is world-building, even if they don’t realize it.” Danco

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Mental Model

How to be a Skeptical Generalist?

Deep generalists are those who combine two or more diverse domains and integrate them into something defensible and unique. 

A generalist brings a broad tool kit of mental models and a skeptic is vary of the generalist’s out of the box thinking. When you combine these elements in one group and make positions transient, you enable the best idea to win instead of the loudest or most powerful voice seizing the day. 

This curation of skeptical generalists along with some specialists like military commanders ensured that their group presented fully developed alternatives to President Kennedy, who chooses to pursue the blockade instead of nuclear confrontation with the Soviet Union.

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Ed-Tech Fellowship

The first cohort of the Network Capital EdTech Fellowship meet on August 28, 2021. Among the first cohort, our fellows included an Oxford Professor, INSEAD and Oxford Alums, Founders of high-growth edtech companies, Teach for India fellows, Govt of India policy makers, and EdTech operators.

For our first session, we discussed the five-waves of EdTech and the unbundling of education. In the coming weeks, we will be learning from -

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Sports Management Fellowship

As the Indian contingent returned from the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, I (Varya) got the opportunity to meet the Gold Medalist Neeraj Chopra and the Bronze Medalist Indian Men’s Hockey Team. 

What seems like ‘over-night success’ achieved by the Indian athletes at Tokyo has been years in making with the supports of hundreds of people enabling the athletes. There is an entire invisible ecosystem of federations, support-staff, PR teams, data scientists, coaches, strategists, media professionals and administrators who make it possible for players to focus blindly on their training and practice. They work out the logistics, make sports financial feasible for the athletes and make sports entertaining for the viewers.

While we (Network Capital) may not be the best platform for training athletes, we are there to support the sports ecosystem by making careers in Sports Management accessible. 

From business to tech to analytics to branding & marketing to media & entertainment - the Network Capital Sports Management Fellowships will make sure that we support our members build their ‘Category of One’ in the sports industry.

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Network Capital School - Session with Sid Dixit

This weekend, students of the Network Capital School learnt frameworks for active listening and decision making from Sid.

Siddharth is an experienced consultant who has extensive experience in commercial strategy for fortune 500 companies. His work has extended to crafting growth strategies, and PE and M&A CDD in 15+countries across Africa, Europe, Latin America and Southeast Asia. 

He has led data-first strategy work for the consulting division of The Economist Group and at The Boston Consulting Group. He holds an MBA from Yale school of Management and Dual degree from Indian Institute of Technology Bombay. 

If you are (or know) a curious student between the age of 8 to 18 who would like to join the Network Capital, register here. If you cannot afford the fees and would like a scholarship, apply here

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Solving Unemployment by Playing Videogames

The “play to earn” games are likely to revolutionize both education and employment. One of the fundamental challenges of traditional education has been its disconnect with employability. One can learn a thing or two about blockchain and cryptocurrency by reading a book or attending a lecture but one can’t become a practitioner without having some skin in the game. Going forward, more education companies are going to combine entertainment and employment. Making content more relatable and practical has been the great educational dream. Play to earn games are a step in the right direction. 

It will be incorrect to assume that videogames have solved the unemployment crisis in Philippines but they sure have been more effective than any other intervention.

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“Everyone’s job is world-building, even if they don’t realize it.” Danco

The 21st century will reward great writers, philosophers and systems thinkers like Alex Danco who came up with a fascinating theory on world building relevant to all young professionals, creators and creatives. He said, “Everyone’s job is world-building (selling is not enough) even if they don’t realize it.”

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