Nikhil Kamath, Rene Girard & NC Summer School

Do we truly think for ourselves?

Surprising a large part of modern decision-making is driven by FOMO. In the Network Capital session with India's youngest billionaire Nikhil Kamath, we went deeper into the idea of FOMO to discuss Rene Girard's Mimetic Theory.

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Girard was a Stanford philosophy professor who has taught Peter Thiel, Naval Ravikant, and multiple other silicon valley entrepreneurs. To put it simply, the memetic theory claims that we learn by copying others. It suggests that most of our desires (think jobs, goals, ambitions, etc.) are not intrinsic. Instead, they are based on the desires of others around us.

In SF this theory is extensively used in building social products like Strava, Instagram, Facebook. In the session with Nikhil Kamath, we discussed how mimetic theory plays out in investing and on the trading floor.

Connecting the dots between Nikhil Kamath, the Memetic theory, and the Network Capital Summer School - we want to make sure that middle school & high school students are taught to think for themselves.

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In our previous newsletters, we have written about parenting and the broken edtech ecosystem. With the NC Summer School, we want to create a digital space that lets students follow their curiosities without the pressures of FOMO or the memetic theory. Hope you join in!

Updates from the week that went by

🎓 Celebrations and learning from the MBA & Masterclass Bootcamp.

🎉 Launch of the Investing Fellowship with Arjun Vaidya & Nikhil Kamath.

💌 The two key newsletters from the previous week - 8 Ideas for Great Writing and What will be your next career?

MBA & Masters Bootcamp

This week a bunch of Network Capital Subscribers made it to their dream schools. The weekly MBA & Masters Bootcamp sessions, 1:1 mentoring, and alum connects made it possible.

MBA & Masters Bootcamp

Investing Fellowship

With a diverse cohort of 50 fellows, we kicked off our Investing Fellowship this weekend with investor turned entrepreneur Arjun Vaidya. In his session he talked about his journey leading up one of India’s first success D2C exits and the lessons he has learnt.

In the coming week, the fellows will be learning from a trader and a techie who made twenty million dollars investing in the side.

Investing Fellowship


8 Ideas for Great Writing

Writing is often abused. Most of us get through life inflicting torturous sentences on our friends, families, readers and well wishers. In this newsletter are 8 ideas for effective writing. Give them a try.

What will be your next career?

Who are you? An investor, a product manager, a writer, a policy wonk or perhaps someone who got laid off and is figuring out what to do next. No matter where you stand on the spectrum of clarity and accomplishment, it is clear that you will have a second career and a third and a fourth……..

Studies suggest that an average millennial will have almost 11 different careers in her life.

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