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Leadership Principles & Career Transitions with Anoop Prakash

Leadership Principles & Career Transitions with Anoop Prakash

In this podcast, we cover -

1. Mental models for planning different ‘chapters’ of your life & taking different ‘tours of duty’.

2. Lessons on networking and augmenting your leadership skills.

3. The art and science of navigating career transitions

Anoop Prakash is currently President of the Ambulance Division at the REV Group Inc, a publicly-traded specialty vehicles manufacturer based in Brookfield, Wisconsin.  At REV, Anoop runs a manufacturing and distribution organization of 1500 people and four facilities, building a broad range of ambulances to precise customer specifications, serving federal government,  municipalities, and private ambulance service providers, both in the US and abroad.  Prior to REV Anoop spent 10 years with the Harley-Davidson Motor Company, where he first led the company’s market entry into India, the acquisition of the company’s largest independent distributor in Canada, and, finally in the US market, leading US Marketing and US Dealer Development.  

Prior to Harley-Davidson, Anoop had the opportunity to serve as a senior political appointee in the Administration of President George W. Bush, holding senior roles at both the US Small Business Administration and US Department of Housing & Urban Development.  Prior to his government service, he held strategy, business development and sales roles at two technology companies, and worked as a consultant for McKinsey & Company, advising consumer and retail clients.  Immediately after graduating from Stanford, Anoop served for four years active-duty as an Intelligence Officer in the US Marine Corps.  Anoop also has an MBA from Harvard Business School.  

In his free time, Anoop enjoys motorcycling, books on politics and policy, and travels with his wife Gita (also class of '95) and two daughters.  Anoop is Vice President of the Board for the Hunger Task Force in Milwaukee, and leads the Wisconsin chapter of Leadership Now, a non-partisan organization of business leaders supporting democracy.  

From his time as an Intelligence Officer, through to his current role as a Division President, Anoop has had to work either with or inside government organizations at every level and in multiple countries.  Anoop credits his broad exposure through Public Policy and concentration in International Policy as critical to his understanding and ability to bridge the two worlds of business and government.

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