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Heading: Career Principles of Playback CEO, Amita Goyal (INSEAD, BCG alumna)

Heading: Career Principles of Playback CEO, Amita Goyal (INSEAD, BCG alumna)

In this podcast, we discuss -

1. Frameworks for overcoming the cold start problem in early stage startups

2. Content and product strategies to empower small and medium sized businesses

3. Insights on startup acquisitions

Amita holds the position of Co-founder and CEO at Playback, a pioneering interactive video platform designed to assist businesses in fostering customer engagement and enriching their brand storytelling. She spent over a decade on Wall Street and in management consulting. She also has a notable presence in the tech sector, with a focus on strategy, operations, and IPO.​

Amita's compelling global narrative unfolds across five countries. She was born in India, raised in Jersey City, pursued studies abroad in London, earned her MBA in France and Singapore, and contributed to digital innovation in the Middle East - Saudi Arabia/UAE. Her exploration has taken her to 65 countries and counting.​

Passionate about making a significant impact, Amita is dedicated to building and scaling businesses that touch millions of lives. She channels her energy into transforming impact-focused ideas into tangible and actionable business initiatives. Additionally, she is committed to mentoring women and underrepresented founders.​Amita has developed a set of strengths, including being a creative problem solver, a strategic visionary, possessing insatiable curiosity, being a thoughtful communicator, and maintaining a growth mindset.​

Outside the professional realm, Amita finds joy in various activities. She embraces an active lifestyle through strength training, hiking, yoga, and meditation. Her reading interests span business books, biographies, and historical fiction. Furthermore, she immerses herself in the vibrant art scene of New York City.

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