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Network Capital
Earn your first $1000 on the Internet with Louis Pereira

Earn your first $1000 on the Internet with Louis Pereira

In this podcast we cover - 

1. The art and science of building no-code products

2. Business models and monetisation strategies for online products and software 

3. Louis' journey of becoming an internet entrepreneur 

Louis in his own words - 

"I live a dual life. During the day, I work with my family to run an offline-first business in my hometown – the coastal state of Goa, located on the west coast of India. At night, I build assets on the internet.

I started my journey as a creator on the internet with a newsletter called Complexity Condensed. It was fun but way too tiring. Writing is difficult work. And no matter how experienced you are, it never gets easier. After realizing this I decided to work on things that could survive without constant effort. I decided to build digital products. But I had a problem – I couldn't code.

I had two options – teach myself how to code, or learn the most cutting-edge no-code tool I could get my hands on (Bubble). I chose the latter. Why? Because I'm impatient. So far, I'm having a blast, and I don't regret it one bit."

Network Capital
Network Capital
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