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Dear Community Members,

Hope you had a rejuvenating weekend. We had an interesting week with loads of interesting discussions, fellowships, masterclasses, Lunchclub meets and Clubhouse huddles. Here is a brief summary of stuff that happened and links for you to join in/recap -

🎉 Announcing the Public Policy Fellowship.

✨ Updates from the Personal Branding Fellowship and Product Management Fellowship

🔥 Community Activities: clubhouse conversations and serendipity tool.

🎥 Featured masterclass and podcast: Democratizing healthcare with Siddhartha Chaturvedi from INSEAD and Microsoft

💌 The four key newsletters from the previous week - Build Your Own Network Capital: The NC Community Fellowship, Fear and Loathing in Emerging Markets: The EdTech Farce, Chief Community Officer: The Secret Job That Nobody Knew About, and How to write a book proposal

The Public Policy Fellowship

Careers in policy and politics have undergone a transformational change in the last two decades. With the evolving nature of the state, technology, and citizenship, it is an interesting time to explore the professional nuances of being a practitioner in this space. 

On Network Capital, we have probably the largest community of policy professionals in South Asia. Professionals who are actively and tangibly defining how over 1/5th of the world's population lives. From big tech to big govt. the dialogue on policy is redefining the social contract of our societies. Recognizing this tectonic movement, the Network Capital Public Policy Fellowship is designed for - 

  1. Individuals who want to learn what it means to work in policy.

  2. Individuals who want to understand what career progression and growth in policy and politics look like. 

  3. Professional who want to meet people working across industry and organizational lines. 

  4. Individuals who want to join a vibrant community of South Asian policy professionals. 

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Updates for Personal Branding and PM Fellowships

We have said it before and we say it again - learning with and from a community makes the experience hundred times better!

The Personal Branding and PM fellows are now working on their graduation projects and group assignments. From community building to no-code solutions, stay tuned for exciting updates from the fellows coming your way.

Community Activity

We had a busy weekend of clubhouse sessions and serendipity magic on Network Capital. From discussing women and politics with Anantika and Tara to the art of switching context while working with Anantika, Kaushik, and Subbu.

Democratizing healthcare with Siddhartha Chaturvedi

Ex-ERP & ML Developer, ex-social impactfounder, now focused on commercial strategy and productisation of people-centric health tech, especially with a focus on Cloud, (responsible) AI, Io(M)T, (Meta)Genomics and Robotics. 

From building my social impact startup around preventive health to working with mosquitoes as data sensors, one of the industry’s foremost Biomedical NLP models and its applications, to advising IoT / AI startups - I’m exploring how various digital bio markers augment both longitudinal personal data, to population level interventions, with a personal focus on Women’s Health to reduce the intergenerational transfer of disadvantage. 

INSEAD MBA 15D | MIT Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp ‘14 

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Build Your Own Network Capital: The NC Community Fellowship

I started Network Capital with a simple idea that every single person in the world has something to learn and something to teach. All we needed was a community with the right culture to enable skill sharing at scale. The first step of Network Capital stemmed from my inability to speak to every person who reached out to me for career advice. I had a busy full time job and the demand for my time was way more than I could manage. 

So what did I do? I build a micro-network of mentors who were basically my friends with 3 key defining aspects.

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Fear and Loathing in Emerging Markets: The EdTech Farce

Every other day, there is a news splash of the latest EdTech company raising capital, merging with someone and acquiring the “next big thing”. One of the hottest tweets circling around is — “————- buys IIT Bombay.” The most obvious question is whether financial activity correlates with innovation and impact?

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Chief Community Officer: The Secret Job That Nobody Knew About

What is common among all these platforms is they are empowering smaller communities to flourish, thereby propelling the creator economy/passion economy. By creating the right context for creators, these platforms (at least some of them) are likely to get the stickiness they crave for. More stickiness means more data which in turn leads to myriad monetization opportunities - subscriptions, advertisements, social commerce etc. 

The key insight is that communities are going to be the most important assets of companies and these communities need to be built, nurtured, managed and scaled. Technology is not enough. Far from it.

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How to write a book proposal

Publishers often ask themselves two questions - does the author have serious readership and can content survive the test of time. Will the content still be relevant in a year, in ten, in a hundred? The most enduring content is as relevant today as it will be in 2121.

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