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Hope you had a rejuvenating weekend. Here is a brief summary of stuff that happened and links for you to join in/recap -

🎉 Announcing the Community Building FellowshipPublic Policy Fellowship.

🎥 Featured masterclass and podcast: Building a portfolio of careers with McKinsey Consultant Rashi Kakkar and Intrapreneurship within Management Consulting with Jasnam

💌 The four key newsletters from the previous week - This Too Shall Pasta, Rethinking your career, NYU + Facebook + Network Capital = Power of Virtual Communities, and The Messy Middle of Careers: $21M @Reforge; $40M @CodeAcademy

The Community Building Fellowship

Network Capital is a community of 100,000+ verified millennials and Gen Z. It has grown without spending a single dollar on marketing. We have been featured in Harvard Business Review, World Economic Forum, Harvard Business School, TED and Mint. This is our clubhouse conversation on the fellowship.

In this fellowship, we will teach you exactly that. This fellowship is specifically designed for - 

  1. Individuals who want to start building their community right now.

  2. Companies who are attempting to build their communities and would like to train their employees 

  3. Community managers who want to get better at their jobs

  4. Curious and entrepreneurial individuals who want to grow by creating their tribe.

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The Public Policy Fellowship

Careers in policy and politics have undergone a transformational change in the last two decades. With the evolving nature of the state, technology, and citizenship, it is an interesting time to explore the professional nuances of being a practitioner in this space. 

On Network Capital, we have probably the largest community of policy professionals in South Asia. Professionals who are actively and tangibly defining how over 1/5th of the world's population lives. From big tech to big govt. the dialogue on policy is redefining the social contract of our societies. Recognizing this tectonic movement, the Network Capital Public Policy Fellowship is designed for - 

  1. Individuals who want to learn what it means to work in policy.

  2. Individuals who want to understand what career progression and growth in policy and politics look like. 

  3. Professional who want to meet people working across industry and organizational lines. 

  4. Individuals who want to join a vibrant community of South Asian policy professionals. 

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Building a portfolio of careers with McKinsey Consultant Rashi Kakkar

Rashi grew up in several cities across India and then went to university in Delhi. She worked in consulting and sports management before moving to Toronto in 2016 to pursue an MBA at the University of Toronto. Prior to this she studied at Shri Ram College of Commerce and Ashoka University.  

Today, Rashi works for McKinsey and writes Decks and Diapers.

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Intrapreneurship within Management Consulting with Jasnam

I help companies to realise growth by taking new ventures from business plans to reality. I enjoy using creative problem-solving to help companies navigate challenges related to innovation and new growth opportunities. Previously co-founded and grew PwC/Strategy&’s Disruptive Innovation practice from an idea to a multi-million (£) revenue business.

Incurably curious, enjoy hunting for the world's best burger and occasionally produce music for fun! 

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This Too Shall Pasta

Passion economy is here to stay. Curious people like you and I monetizing what makes us unique is the future of work. Let us explore how.

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Rethinking your career

Students who are most certain about career paths at 20 are often ones with deep regrets at 30. They have not done enough rethinking, says author Adam Grant. Do you relate to this?

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NYU + Facebook + Network Capital = Power of Virtual Communities

It is a huge honor for us to be featured here alongside Harvard University and University of Oxford professors, all thanks to the wonderful Network Capital community we have co-created. Thank you 🚀

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The Messy Middle of Careers: $21M @Reforge; $40M @CodeAcademy

The career readiness market is a massive one. It is often misunderstood so most companies seem like they are overlaying their solutions onto problems they barely understand.

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