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Hope you had a rejuvenating weekend. We had an interesting week with loads of interesting discussions, fellowships, masterclasses, Lunchclub meets and Clubhouse huddles. Here is a brief summary of stuff that happened and links for you to join in/recap -

🎉 Announcement for the first faculty of the Product Management Fellowship

✨ Update from the first cohort of the Public Speaking Fellowship.

🔥 Community Activities: Clubhouse discussions and the magic of Serendipity Thursday .

🎥 Featured masterclass: Building a Foodtech Revolution in the Midst of a Pandemic with Columbia Grad Manal Kahi

💌 The two key newsletters from the previous week - Network Science Lens to Farmer Protests, #MeToo, #BlackLivesMatter and Career Growth, 10 Takeaways from YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki's Creator Economy Reflections, and India: The Startup Founded in 1947


Cohort-based fellowships have become the most popular component of the Network Capital experience. They make learning social, fun, tangible, actionable, time-bound, and exciting. From soft-skills to career transitions and growth our fellowships cover everything - the on-going Public Speaking Fellowship and the up-coming Product Management Fellowship and MBA Bootcamp are perfect examples.

Product Management Fellowship

With 3 spots left for the first cohort of 50 Product Management Fellows, we are thrilled to give a sneak peak into our faculty members for this fellowship. First up is the phenomenal Khushboo Taneja, Director of Product Management at Facebook. She leads the product management team that enables commerce across FB family of apps including Facebook Shops, Facebook marketplace and Instagram Shopping.

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The Masters/MBA Bootcamp

The fourth cohort of our MBA/Masters Bootcamp starts next week. Through these bootcamps we break down the process of building a uniquely compelling application.

Public Speaking Fellowship

For week-two, our Public Speaking fellows worked on their ability to give effective presentations and pitches. They gave group presentations on Jeff Bezos and the Amazon story. With catchy acronyms to pop-culture references, the fellows refined their ability to present complex ideas in a structured manner.

Next week you will watch them giving their TED Talk live!

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Community Updates

The Serendipity Tool

We celebrated 25 weeks of Serendipity Tool session this week! To give a little more context, thats 500+ people and 1000+ minutes of magical connections and new friendships. Here’s what our subscribers have to say

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Career Exponent Launch Episode: Meaningful Feedback

The Network Capital clubhouse group is now 300+ and growing. All our members are on the platform and hosting a bunch of fascinating rooms and discussions. One such conversation kicked off this Saturday - lead by Network Capital subscribers, Anantika and Kaushik.


Network Science Lens to Farmer Protests, #MeToo, #BlackLivesMatter and Career Growth

Network science can be used to explain the growth of Twitter, farmer protests, spread of #MeToo, #BlackLivesMatter, pandemic vaccinations, reunification of Germany, Britain’s World War recruitment strategy and of course, TikTok. All these are innovations and social movements are driven more by network geometry than by network influencers. 

[**There are of course other factors but we aren’t historians or political commentators.]  Let’s understand why by first dispelling the biggest myth of social networks: influencers.

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10 Takeaways from YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki's Creator Economy Reflections

During the first quarter of last year, YouTube saw a 25 percent increase in watchtime around the world. 2020 was YouTube Gaming's biggest year yet, with over 100 billion hours of gaming content watched on YouTube.

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India: The Startup Founded in 1947

India is the world’s largest democracy and recently became the 5th largest economy, surpassing France. We have doubled our GDP over the last 10 years and will shortly tip over the United Kingdom, as it grapples with the Brexit misadventure. With over 50,000+ startups, the Indian startup ecosystem is arguably one of the strongest in the world.

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Building a Foodtech Revolution in the Midst of a Pandemic with Columbia Grad Manal Kahi

Manal is the co-founder and CEO of Eat Offbeat, a refugee-driven food company that delivers authentic meals conceived and prepared by refugees who now call New York City home. Manal moved to NYC to pursue a career in environmental affairs, but the Hummus she found on supermarket shelves led her on a different journey. She co-founded Eat Offbeat to help New Yorkers discover authentic cuisines from around the world all the while creating quality jobs. Eat Offbeat has since served over 250,000 meals in NYC and has been featured in media outlets including Forbes, The Guardian, the Huffington Post, Newsweek, Fast Company and others.

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