What we learned together this week

What we learned together this week

Happy Monday!

Before we dive into all the details, here is a brief summary of today’s newsletter -

✨ Our masterclass with Microsoft President and EVP Jean-Philippe Courtois is scheduled for December 4, 2020.

💌 The three key newsletters from the previous week are - From being homeless to running a global VC fund: The epic story of Arlan Hamilton; Your consumption diet for the week; and We overestimate what we can do in 1 year and underestimate what we can do in 10.

🗣 Sign ups for our new programme, the Tech Strategy Fellowship are now open. Our classes for the of CEO and “I don’t know what I want to do with my life” Fellowships continue, feel free to sign up for the next cohorts.

🔥 Watch our founder, Utkarsh’s masterclass on ‘Building your category of one’.

Now on to the weekly recap of what we learnt together


  1. We overestimate what we can do in 1 year and underestimate what we can do in 10

    Most of us make new year resolutions but the truth is that they rarely work. Research suggests that by 8 January, one week from the start of the year, 25% of new year resolutions fall apart, and by the time the year ends, we will most probably end up returning to our old routines and rituals.

    The truth of the matter is that you can do anything you want and everything you want but not all at once. You need to understand the science of timing and the art of compounding. Read more.

  2. From being homeless to running a global VC fund: The epic story of Arlan Hamilton

    Arlan Hamilton is a queer African American woman without a college degree who setup Backstage Capital to democratize access to venture capital to underrepresented communities. She spotted a massive challenge - talent is equally distributed but opportunities are not. 90% of all venture money goes to white men. Even though she had no background in finance, she committed to doing something about it. Read more.

  3. Your consumption diet for the week

    Your time and attention are the most scarce commodities so you should spend them wisely. Let’s spend the time we spend on reading, thinking and learning smartly. Read more.


    Building your category of one

    The 21st century will be sprinkled with multiple disruptions in work and life. Reinventing ourselves will be the most valuable skill, but reinvention doesn’t necessarily mean recreation. Those who chase every hot new trend and compete for every outcome will be exhausted. Those who build a category of one and adapt will make a tangible impact and have fun doing so. 

    Watch the masterclass


Enthused by the response to Network Capital’s cohort based fellowships, we are pumped to announce the launch of the Tech Strategy Fellowship. In this 5 week fellowship, we will focus on understanding the culture and strategy of the tech companies that are changing the way we think, work and behave. 

It is not only for those who wish to pursue a career in tech but also for people who are fascinated by the intersection of technology, policy and society.

The goals of the fellowship are - 

  1. Develop strong understanding of how these companies monetize their products and services 

  2. Figure out new opportunities where you can carve out a role for yourself 

  3. Answer the question — “should this exist” / Businesses exist to serve a purpose. Have you ever thought about what that purpose is? What should it be?

Sign up now

Afterthought — “Contradictions do not exist. Whenever you think that you are facing a contradiction, check your premises. You will find that one of them is wrong.” - Ayn Rand

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