What we learned together this week

Key insights, passes to Impact Investing week

The India Impact Investing Week is here and Network Capital is delighted to serve as a partner.

All subscribers are eligible to get complimentary passes as long as they are curious and reasonably well prepared. To make that happen, we had Kartik Desai, a leading impact investor conduct a long-form masterclass on Sunday. If you are interested in attending, please watch Kartik’s masterclass and write to varya@networkcapital.co . We will track all completions at the backend and everyone who goes through the masterclass will be sent the ticket.


India Impact Investing Week is one of the world’s most thoughtfully curated summit on the subject. Given below is the agenda for your perusal. We think it will be interesting for you to attend sessions together and then discuss key takeaways as a community.

Now on to the lessons from the newsletters this week.

  1. Pratfall Effect and Vulnerability: The pratfall effect is the tendency for someone’s appeal to increase or decrease after making a mistake, depending on his/her perceived ability to perform well in general. In simple words, competent people are liked more when they share vulnerabilities. Less competent people, on the other hand, are disliked more when they open up. Read more here.

    The Pratfall Effect | Likeability & Attractiveness | Panthera
  2. Career principles of American Supreme Court Justice and cultural icon RBG: Its a little over week since she passed away and people who followed her activism and work are remembering her in their own ways - through art, resistance and even some critique. When asked in an interview about her legacy Justice Ginsberg, she beautifully summarized -

    “I would like to be remembered as someone who used whatever talent she had to do her work to the very best of her ability.” Read more here.

  3. 3 Smartest Articles of the Week + 1 Cool Opportunity + Free e-book from HBS: Wednesdays empower us to be our whimsical best. We have the Network Capital happy hours at 10pm and we start grooving from the time we start working on this newsletter.

    Also, YourStory and GAME curated a thoughtful series of videos on the theme of “The Road Less Traveled” from illustrious Indians including Kiran Mazumdar ShawShradha SharmaDr. Gayathri V etc. We are of course happy to see us featured on such illustrious lists but it fills us with gratitude and awe more than anything else. The opportunities we get are a testament to the community we have built with your support.


Flipped Classroom Sessions: CEO Fellowship

Although this content is only meant for participants of the first cohort of the CEO Fellowship, you can check out important concepts of these sessions by writing to varya@networkcapital.co and logging into your networkcapital.tv account. These are hidden courses and Varya can give you access if you need.

Featured Masterclass: Shruti Gandhi, Array Ventures

Shruti Gandhi is the founder and General Partner of Array Ventures a data-driven venture capital firm. Six of her portfolio companies have exited to companies such as Apple, PayPal, and Samsung with 10x returns.


Food for thought: “Happiness is beneficial for the body, but it is grief that develops the powers of the mind.” ― Marcel Proust

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