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Before we dive into all the details, here is a brief summary of today’s newsletter -

💌 The three key newsletters from the previous week are - The Hedonic Treadmill: Why Obsession with Greatness is Misplaced, The Psychology of Money: Key Lessons, and The Randomness of Innovation + Consumption Diet 

✨ The launch of an extremely special newsletter by Network Capital mentor and patron; Harvard Business School Professor, Dr. Tarun Khanna.

💎 Details for the exclusive access to the Wharton India Conference for Network Capital members.

🎥 The Network Capital special masterclass on the ‘Art of Feedback’ by Bain & Company Partner, Sri Rajan.

📅 The upcoming session with author and parliamentarian Dr. Shashi Tharoor.

Now on to the weekly recap of what we learnt together


The Hedonic Treadmill: Why Obsession with Greatness is Misplaced

This article comes from Dr. Ghida, a French-Lebanese quantitative engineer who works at Facebook. She is a Network Capital subscriber. She write about her relationship with the idea of ‘greatness’. Read more.

The Psychology of Money: Key Lessons

Morgan Housel is a partner at Collaborative Fund, former columnist at The Motley Fool, The Wall Street Journal and the author of the book The Psychology of Money, a must-read for all those interested in understanding our relationship with capital.

The Psychology of Money comprises 18 timeless lessons on wealth, greed and happiness. We are sharing our key takeaways, read more.

The Randomness of Innovation + Consumption Diet

In his book “How Innovation Works”, Matt Ridley discusses the mysterious features of innovation that propel us to think about it in a whole new light. It turns out that there is a long and deep period characterized by failure, a shorter period marked by improvement in affordability followed by passionate rivalries and patent disputes. Towards the very end, helped in no small part by random luck, trial and error, an evolutionary improvement occurs that we call innovation. Read more.

Dr. Tarun Khanna’s Newsletter Launch

Dr. Tarun Khanna has been a mentor for Network Capital community members for years. His masterclass on trust for Network Capital has been featured in the Harvard Business Review, and his masterclass on career principles is a subscriber favourite.

We are thrilled to share that he starting his own newsletter to share his writing on creativity, innovation and inclusive economic systems. Here’s a sneak peak

With this brief missive, I’m starting a newsletter that I plan to write once every month or so. It will primarily feature my reflections on the deployment of creativity to making the world’s economic systems (and by extension social and to some extent political systems) more inclusive and, therefore, fairer.  That sounds like a tall order – and it is! – but it’s something about which I feel strongly enough that I now count myself in my second decade of (more formally) working on these issues, primarily as an academic, but also as an entrepreneur and an occasional policy-advisor-of-sorts.

Read more and subscribe to his newsletter here.

Wharton India Economic Forum 2021 | Virtual Conference

We are thrilled to account our partnership with Wharton India Economic Forum, as their official community partner. WIEF is the oldest student-run business conference focused on India. The forum is in its 25th year, and the theme for this year is "India: Self-Reliant. Resilient. Reignited." The conference will be held virtually over four days – January 8th, 9th, 15th & 16th between5:00PM - 8:00PM IST.

NC members can enjoy a 50% discount on tickets on t.ly/VApc using the code ncapitalwief

Masterclass on the Art of Feedback by Bain & Company Partner, Sri Rajan

Giving, receiving, and processing feedback is probably one of the most complex yet critical part of growth. In this phenomenally insights and personal masterclass, Sri Rajan shares is mental models and experiences with the feedback process.

Watch Now

Book Discussion: “The Battle of Belonging” with Dr. Shashi Tharoor

There are over a billion Indians alive today. 

But are some Indians more Indian than others? To answer this question, one that is central to the identity of every man, woman, and child who belongs to the modern Republic of India, eminent thinker and bestselling writer Shashi Tharoor explores hotly contested ideas of nationalism, patriotism, citizenship, and belonging in his latest book.

Join in on December 22, 2020 for a deep-dive on Dr. Tharoor's new book and his writing process.

Afterthought — “The sad truth is that most evil is done by people who never make up their minds to be good or evil.” 
― Hannah Arendt

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