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With the start of a new month and a new season, we have quite a power-packed week ahead.

Today is the first day of the India Impact Investing Week 2020 (write to varya@networkcapital.co for access to subgroup/passes), our book discussion with Dr. Shashi Tharoor is on Friday, and we start of the Gap Year Programme this week. 

As we prepare for these sessions, here’s a round up of the week gone by

  1. A Compendium on Gandhi

    Gandhi was never the best student nor was he the best lawyer. He struggled with public speeches and had enumerable inconsistencies and limitations to his own thought and writings. Perhaps the secret behind his astounding success was that he was never a ‘perfect’ leader. It was only through his experiments, deliberate practise and resilience that he was able to cultivate a unique brand of leadership that companies, leaders and political parties try to appropriate even today.

    From reforms in South Africa to the independence movement in India, Gandhi’s experiments with truth (and life) have important lessons for leadership that are equally relevant for activists, CEOs and professionals. Read more here.

  2. Letter to your exhausted self

    We are writing this to nudge you to take a break from yourself and get out. We know that there are some of us who cannot travel to a beach or a mountain or a vacation home. There are demands on your schedule that you cannot outsource. We get it but you need to pause and you need to do it now.

    We are at that point in our resilience journey that we need to unplug from our routine or lack of thereof. We have “panic worked”, overscheduled our days, sent our hundreds of resumes and applied to scores of schools but can we keep this going? For how long? Read (and relax) now here.

  3. 5 Smartest Articles of the Week + Special Masterclass + Interesting Conferences in October

    We are delighted to have a networkcapital.tv masterclass by Microsoft President and EVP Jean-Philippe Courtois. JPC (as he is fondly called within Microsoft) will be reflecting on the key inflection points in his career and also talk about how tragedy shaped his resilience. Utkarsh has learned so much from JPC an we are glad that much awaited masterclass is finally in place. Read about JPC and the 5 smartest articles here.

    Also, we know that the newsletter and webinar fatigue is real. That is why we are sharing just 3 conclaves you might want to check out in October. Read here.

Featured Masterclasses - your content recommendation for this week

  1. Growing into a Product Leader with PayPal Product Leader Parul Goel

    Parul is a Product Leader at PayPal. She currently heads payments for the PayPal Commerce Platform, an enterprise product she helped build from scratch. She is passionate about innovating in the enterprise product space.

    Watch Now

  2. Survive & Thrive: Entrepreneurship Frameworks That Work with Paul Kewene-Hite

    Paul has decades of work experience with start-ups, major technology companies, investment capital, consulting, and government initiatives. His latest book, Survive & Thrive is designed for entrepreneurs, and hopeful entrepreneurs, of all ages, education levels, and backgrounds.

    Watch Now

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Food for thought: “I know you won’t believe me, but the highest form of human excellence is to question oneself and others” - Socrates

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