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How to win an election as an underdog

Joe Biden's 1972 Senate race: youth and change over the establishment.

Joe Biden was the first presidential candidate to raise over a billion dollars in a single election cycle. He stayed calm through early defeats on Election Night, urged patience during vote-counting delays in crucial states, and projected confidence despite torrents of misinformation spread by Donald Trump.

Biden won more votes than any Presidential candidate in American history, shattering Barack Obama’s record. In this newsletter, we explain the strategies used by Biden and his team to register one of the most historic wins.

We start from Biden’s early days where at the age of 30 while moving swiftly in his political career, he was a deeply shattered man. In one day, he had gone from a married father of three who won a startling victory in the 1972 Senate race to a widower with two toddlers in the hospital after a car crash killed his wife and their baby daughter.

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Detailed career principles of co-founder of Flickr, investor and podcaster Catrina Fake

This is the story of a liberal arts major confused about her life who went on to define the internet and shape communities around the world. In 1994 she was on her way to a climbing expedition in Nepal when she stopped off to visit her sister in San Francisco. The trip got delayed, eventually for good, so Fake stayed until her sister suggested that she get a job and a place of her own. Starting with web designing Fake went on to create Flickr. Fake attributes a part of her success to the fact that she was in San Francisco in the 1990s but it is way more nuanced than that.

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Jeff Bezos’ Regret Minimization Framework

How does Bezos’ framework relate to long-term thinking and the Marshmallow test? Simply put, it helps put in perspective what our future self will regret less. His framework helps us make a more accurate prediction of what will matter more to us in the decades to come (our future self or a massive projection of the Marshmallow test - instead of 15 minutes, you should think of 15 years).

Read Bezos' Framework


Your consumption diet of the week

There is way too much junk in the digital universe so we read hundreds of articles every day, listen to hours of podcasts and read quite a few books to bring you the most curated list of reading and thinking material. Remember that indiscriminate action (sophisticated phrase for constant hustle) is disguised laziness. Your time and attention are the most scarce commodities so you should spend them wisely.

Best Articles of the Week


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