What we learned together this week

Quick Takeaways and reference points

This was an interesting week for us on Network Capital TV with us crossing 100,000 enrollments for our courses. It is a testament to your love and support as we have got to this milestone with no external capital and 0$ spent on marketing or sales. We are community-first and will always be. Please join us in celebrating this important milestone. This is your achievement, not ours. Please do tell your friends and colleagues about our adventure and ask them to subscribe.

Here is a quick snapshot of what we learned together this week.

  1. 9 Brilliant Articles: These articles will make you think, reflect, laugh out loud and you might even shed a tear. Let’s get started here.

  2. The Most Interesting People at the Most Interesting Companies: Feel free to look them up and learn from their career paths. We are also curating a CEO book for you so that you can dig out stuff that is relevant to you. As you go through the list, keep in mind

    1. Gender ratio you see

    2. Number of Indians and people of Indian origin

    3. Identify companies where you have a realistic shot at being in the leadership team or one level above or below.

    Check them out here.

  3. What will work mean in the post-pandemic world: Startup hiring has improved marginally but they do not employ nearly as many people who are in the market seeking opportunities. Governments are struggling to get economies back on track and with intense pressure on healthcare, providing stimulus to other sectors will not be easy.

    Millions are likely to be left to fend for themselves. They will have to reach out to their networks to explore new roles and find/create opportunities for themselves. Just like in previous recessions, many iconic companies will be born that will go on to create enormous financial wealth. They will become employers of choice in the coming decades but can people wait for that to happen.

    As John Maynard Keynes wrote, “In the long run, we are all dead.” Basically short term hopelessness can at best be addressed partially by long term hope.

    What will happen in the short term?

    People will need to learn to monetize their skills and create micro-opportunities for themselves. Call it baptism by fire but it is evident that waiting for the economy to bounce back is not the smartest recruitment strategy and people know that intuitively. Read more here.

  4. 10 Lessons from Satya Nadella's "Hit Refresh": This is an essay from Utkarsh, a first of many essays from his next book “Adventures from Microsoft”. Parts of this book are discussed in the CEO Fellowship. The first cohort has already started. You are most welcome to join the next one. Seats fill up quickly so we suggest you let Varya/Aditi know in advance so that they keep you in mind for the next one. Read the essay here.

Masterclass of the Week: Career Principles of Waterfield Founder Soumya Rajan

Watch Masterclass

As the founder of Waterfield Advisors, Soumya brings over 25 years of financial services experience. She has advised several of India’s leading business families on issues related to the success and continuity of their family enterprise.

  • Mental models for second careers and building meaningful networks

  • Hiring effectively to create organisations that are built to last

  • How do couples who work make it work?

Podcast of the Week: Building Dual Careers with Historian and Writer Manu Pillai

Formerly chief of staff to Shashi Tharoor MP, Manu is also a winner of the Sahitya Akademi Yuva Puraskar (2017).

  • Reflections as a writer.

  • Key inflection points in his career and the art of making your passion your profession.

  • The learnings from working with a Member of Parliament.

    Listen Here

CEO Fellowship

Our first cohort of the CEO Fellowship had 72 participants. We are thrilled by the response and it has been a joy co-creating the experience for our founding cohort. It includes 20 hours of classroom teaching followed by discussions and 1:1 office hours. This cohort is full but if you are interested in joining the next one, please let varya@networkcapital.co know.

Serendipity Thursdays

To function as thinking, feeling creative beings, we need to learn to balance productivity and serendipity - or what we like to call - the Productivity/Serendipity Ratio. 

Our podcasts, masterclasses and newsletters ensure productivity. With this Serendipity Tool we want to augment the luck surface area and enable meaningful connections by connecting Network Capital Insiders, in groups of three, to each other every week. This week we had over 50 groups enjoy the dance of serendipity. Feel free to join in.

The Seductive Illusion of Hard Work

Order the book

Utkarsh’s book is now an international best-seller and among the top books in management. If you missed the digital launch, you can catch the video here (scroll down once you land)

While the response is encouraging, the roadshow of “The Seductive Illusion of Hard Work” and comments by thousands of readers around the world - from Oxford to Tokyo - has been the highlight for us. Essentially the book is meant to give you the principles of career intelligence but how you apply them is the interesting part.

We have many more conversations lined up and hope that you will join most if not all of them.

Tools of the Week

Linked Tree (Try it)

Google Contacts (Hidden Wonder)

We would like to conclude by drawing your attention to a term that we keep going back to - Contribution Capital. Your success - in business and life - will directly be propelled by how much you contribute to the growth of others. Empowering others is the best way to empower yourself. That is the premise of Network Capital and we hope you make it your value. We would love to hear about your adventures en route.

Have a rejuvenating week ahead! Don’t say yes to every meeting, every Zoom call. Breathe!

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