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🏁 Registrations for the Community Building Fellowship

🧑🏻‍🏫 Launch of the Network Capital Winter School

🔬NC-NITI Aayog Partnership: Finding ‘Lost Einsteins’ in the Summer: Tinkerpreneur Bootcamp and learning on the internet

💌 Newsletters: Trevor Noah, Reid Hoffman and the Future of One Person Companies, NFTs and the Access Economy, and How Philosopher Immanuel Kant Might Explain the Afghanistan Situation

Community Building Fellowship

Network Capital is a community of 100,000+ verified millennials and Gen Z. It has grown without spending a single dollar on marketing. We have been featured in Harvard Business Review, World Economic Forum, Harvard Business School, TED and Mint.

In less than three years, we have scaled a community of 100,000+ members from 104 countries without spending a single dollar on marketing. In this fellowship, we will teach you exactly that. This fellowship is specifically designed for - 

  1. Individuals who want to start building their community right now.

  2. Companies who are attempting to build their communities and would like to train their employees 

  3. Community managers who want to get better at their jobs

  4. Curious and entrepreneurial individuals who want to grow by creating their tribe.

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PS. If you want to see the Community Building Fellowship in action, watch this session from Cohort I with Sairee Chahal, Founder & CEO of Sheroes.

Network Capital Winter School

Building on the success of the Network Capital Summer School, the Network Capital Winter School is designed for school students to spark their love for learning. Our focus will be writing, public speaking, critical thinking and deep reading, timeless skills that will serve them well for the rest of their lives. 

Our mission is to make the Network Capital Winter School the most meaningful learning experience you have ever had. We will of course learn deep-reading, critical thinking, public speaking and writing but we will partake of all assignments and micro-experiments keeping self and community care in mind.

We want to ensure personal attention for each student so we will stop enrolments when the class size reaches 50. 

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NC - NITI Aayog Partnership

Finding ‘Lost Einsteins’ in the Summer: Tinkerpreneur Bootcamp and learning on the internet

Note from Varya, VP of Product & Government Affairs at Network Capital

One of the most meaningful experience over the last six-months has been to co-create the Tinkerpreneur Bootcamp with Swati Rao and the Atal Innovation Mission Official team. 

In this Observer Research Foundation oped, Swati and I reflect upon the inception of this programme that reached 9000 students and 650 mentors in India.

Building education institution and experiences on the cloud is something I find extremely fascinating, and working on Tinkerpreneur 2020 has helped me contextualise learning from Network Capital for Atal Innovation Mission Official.


Trevor Noah, Reid Hoffman and the Future of One Person Companies

The innate desire to find work at the intersection of our curiosity, conviction, passion and market trends is becoming universal. That is why I believe there will be a lot more 1 person companies in the coming decade, some of which will become massive - perhaps unicorns and decacorns. Crypto analysts suggest that there will likely be the first trillion dollar company run by one person in the not so distant future.

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NFTs and the Access Economy

Fundamentally, NFTs demonstrate the power of the access economy where people don’t pay as much for things as they do for deeper access through unique digital experiences. Without getting into a value judgment, it surely is a sign of the changing times.

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How Philosopher Immanuel Kant Might Explain the Afghanistan Situation

Kant’s moral philosophy is counterintuitive and unique. He believed that for something to be good, it had to be universal. That is, it can’t be “right” to do something in one situation and “wrong” to do it in another. If lying is wrong, it has to be wrong all the time. It has to be wrong when everyone does it. If it isn’t always right or always wrong, then that cannot be a valid ethical principle.

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