Weekly Roundup: Indra Nooyi on Network Capital, Impact Investing & NC School

Community action and learning adventures on Network Capital this week

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🚀 CEO Fellowship Session with former Pepsi Co. CEO Indira Nooyi

🧑🏻‍🏫 The Launch of Network Capital School & graduation talks of the Network Capital Summer School

✨ New masterclasses: Careers in Impact Investing with Oxford Alum & Omidyar Network Prinicipal Subhashish Bhadra and Impact Investing Bundle to help navigate the impact investing landscape.

🖇️ The Serendipity Tool: Expand your luck-surface area

💌 Newsletters: Lessons from JK Rowling Live from The Elephant House, Taylor Swift and the Mysteries of Web 3.0 and Ali Abdaal: Cambridge Doctor Turned YouTube Millionaire Turned EdTech Tinkerer

CEO Fellowship Session with Indra Nooyi

We launched the CEO fellowship not because we think everyone should get that title at some point but because of our unflinching belief that every person on the planet must have the tools to create their category of one.

The science on this is clear - until we have the combination of autonomy, mastery and purpose, we will continue to be unmotivated. If we are unmotivated or chasing someone else’s dreams, we cannot be free to live, experiment and be on our terms.

For the concluding session of the CEO Fellowship, we are thrilled to be hosting Indra Nooyi.

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Network Capital School

The Network Capital School designed to help students between the ages 8 to 18 build their category of one.  Before we tell you more about the school, here are the graduating talks for the Network Capital Summer School students.

Our school will complement the ongoing education in schools and focus on 4 key aspects - 

  1. Persuasive writing

  2. Powerful public speaking

  3. Critical thinking

  4. Micro-experiments to figure your purpose in life 

Classes have started and we look forward to the adventure ahead. Enroll nowWant a sneak peak into Network Capital School classes, watch this session with TED Fellow Rumaitha Al Busaidi.

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The Serendipity Tool

Seemingly random encounters and conversations often trigger amazing ideas and discoveries. With the Serendipity Tool, we wanted help members build shared experiences and and relationships.

Sign up for the Serendipity Session for this Thursday at 9:30PM (IST)

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Careers in Impact Investing with Oxford Alum & Omidyar Network Prinicipal Subhashish Bhadra

Watch the Masterclass

Subhashish is responsible for sourcing, evaluating and managing investments in Digital Identity.Subhashish joined Omidyar Network India from the global management consulting firm McKinsey, where he worked in the Delhi office for two years. His work there focused on public policy strategy projects including one on rural electrification in India. He also co-authored a report on “India’s Path from Poverty to Empowerment.”

A Rhodes Scholar, Subhashish has an M.Phil in economics from Oxford University and a B.A. in economics from St. Stephen’s College, Delhi.

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Lessons from JK Rowling Live from The Elephant House

Harry Potter alone sold more than 500 million copies and Rowling’s net worth is more than $1 Billion. Her journey towards becoming one of the world’s most acclaimed writers was far from smooth. Poverty, early divorce, single parenting and lack of clarity about her future were some rude shocks of her twenties…but she persisted. Here are a few takeaways from her work, writing and life-at-large

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Taylor Swift and the Mysteries of Web 3.0

Today things are radically different. All Swift fans get to hear directly from her. Who do you think they will believe? The artist they adore or the shrewd millionaire profiting off the creative output of a beloved singer.

Web3 is about winning back that ownership. It is about how we interact with value and the direct connection between creators and consumers, obfuscating the gatekeepers.

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Ali Abdaal: Cambridge Doctor Turned YouTube Millionaire Turned EdTech Tinkerer

When a Cambridge educated doctor quits his job to create YouTube videos, it raises eyebrows. Some call it inspiring while others call it bizarre. Ali Abdaal is the son of an immigrant single mother living in UK. Early on in his life he realized the importance of passive income. He learned to code in school and worked on a wide range of projects with different degrees of success. For a while he was confused about pursuing computer science or medicine. 

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