Weekly Roundup: FB invests in NC, Writing Fellowship & Delhi Meetup

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💖 Funding Announcement: Facebook Invests in Network Capital

🏁 Launch of the Community Building Fellowship + Registrations open for the Writing Fellowship

🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Upcoming Masterclasses & Meet Ups - Career-Product-Market Fit with Kaushik Subramanian & Network Capital Delhi Meet Up

🚀 Career Advancement as a Service: Introducing Our B2B Subscribers: ApnaKlub, Kite, Rocket Learning, Khyaal

💌 Newsletters: Stupid Status Games and Careers To Avoid and Build your challenger network

Facebook Invests in Network Capital

I am happy to share that Facebook has funded Network Capital as part of its community accelerator program (includes funding and strategic support to the most impactful communities). We are one of the 130 communities selected from around the world (there are ~ 620 million Facebook communities globally) and look forward to helping students and young professionals from across different socioeconomic backgrounds build their category of one.

This moment is special for us because we did this together.

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Launch of the Community Building Fellowship

Registrations open for the Writing Fellowship

When was the last time you wrote a long-form essay or a memo or a short story? Most of us never seem to have the bandwidth. There is work to be done, assignments to be completed, Tweets to be shared and WhatsApp forwards to deal with. Despite the myriad commitments, we need to carve out time to write consistently. It is an essential life skill.

No one is born a great writer. We become better with deliberate practice, a special type of practice that is both purposeful and systematic. While regular practice might include mindless repetitions, deliberate practice requires focused attention and is conducted with the specific goal of improving performance. In the Network Capital Writing Fellowship, you will engage in deliberate practice as a community.

Starts November 13, 2021

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Upcoming Masterclasses & Meet Ups

Career-Product-Market Fit with Kaushik Subramanian

Currently building products at a global fintech platform, with prior experience across product (Facebook), strategy (McKinsey) and consumer (L’Oreal). Recognised leader in tech with thought leadership in the World Economic Forum, MWC, GDC, Digiday and Facebook f8. Passionate about building empowered teams and culture.

​Kaushik enjoys collecting single malt whisky, geeking out on trivia, and coaching people.

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Network Capital Delhi Meet Up

Join us for a relaxed discussion over coffee to talk about one thing that we are good at, and one thing we would like to be better at. Amidst running after our career goals, let's also acknowledge what we have achieved, and let's collaborate together to help us be the best versions of ourselves!


Career Advancement as a Service

Our mission is to help every person and every organization on the planet build their category of one. That is why, we are happy to share that the following fast-growing tech companies are now are B2B subscribers. This means that all employees will be offered a Network Capital subscription paid for by the company.

The founders of Khyaal, Rocket Learning, Kite, ApnaKlub and Network Capital are aligned on the fact that employees who have a career plan, career coach, access to live cohort-based courses and 1:1 mentoring are likely to be motivated to bring their best selves to work every day. Colorful walls and lip-smacking food alone are unlikely to keep employees motivated in the long run. Demonstrating that you truly support the career aspirations of your employees is a win-win for everyone.

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Stupid Status Games and Careers To Avoid

The smartest way forward for all of us is to avoid playing stupid status games. If you feel compelled to play any game at all, let it be one that you are intrinsically curious about, one that augments business, society and your own self. Don’t waste your time bringing others down for the heck of it, signaling virtue or trying to monetize “schadenfreude”.

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Build your challenger network

Challenger network is designed to deliver uncomfortable truths to you. Feedback – both positive and negative – is necessary for progress. It is easy to fall into the trap of listening to people we want to listen to, those who validate our views. While a tribe of mentors and cheer leaders is important, a challenger network is a useful complement to ensure we don’t fall into an echo chamber.

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