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🧭 Navigating Career Transitions: Building a portfolio of careers with Aditya Ghosh, Art of Scaling Communities with Ankur Misra and Becoming a Minimalist Entrepreneur with Gumroad CEO Sahil Lavingia

✨New Masterclasses: Building Meaningful Careers at the Intersection of Music, Tech & Feminism with Madame Gandhi and Voices of Climate Change with Devi Lockwood

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💌 Newsletters: Million Dollar Facebook Engineer Who Quit to Become a YouTuber, What should the governments do for artists?, and Rise of the Curator Economy: Curation as a Service

Writing Fellowship

When was the last time you wrote a long-form essay or a memo or a short story?

Most of us never seem to have the bandwidth. There is work to be done, assignments to be completed, Tweets to be shared and WhatsApp forwards to deal with. Despite the myriad commitments, we need to carve out time to write consistently. It is an essential life skill.

No one is born a great writer. We become better with deliberate practice, a special type of practice that is both purposeful and systematic. While regular practice might include mindless repetitions, deliberate practice requires focused attention and is conducted with the specific goal of improving performance. In the Network Capital Writing Fellowship, you will engage in deliberate practice as a community.

Starts November 13, 2021, join in!

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Navigating Career Transitions

In his latest Harvard Business Review article, Network Capital founder Utkarsh Amitabh explains that career transitions aren’t just about doing something different. It is a lifestyle redesign that often entails rethinking how you want to feel at the end of the day, how you want to spend your time, and how this relates to your longer term goals. When you feel this need for change, it isn’t necessarily related to a fancier title or more money, but your inner voice whispering that you could do more, be more, experience and achieve more.

If you’re thinking about quitting your job to make a meaningful career transition, first think about the why, the what, and the when.

Learn the art of career transitions from leaders who have built their category of one. You get full access to our cohort-based courses, masterclasses, subgroups and 1:1 mentorship clinics when you subscribe to Network Capital.

#1. Building a portfolio of careers with Aditya Ghosh | Oyo, Fab India, Indigo | Live on October 20

Aditya currently sits on the Board of Directors of Fabindia - India’s largest retail platform; and OYO, one of the world’s leading hospitality chains with presence across 80 countries. Most recently, he was the CEO at OYO Hotels & Homes- India & South Asia. Prior to this, Aditya was the President & Member of the Board of IndiGo, for ten years and turned it into India’s largest & most profitable airline. Aditya was also a Board Member of InterGlobe Hotels and InterGlobe Technologies.


#2. Art of Scaling Communities with Ankur Misra

Ankur Mishra is an Indian entrepreneur - Founder of Kavishala and Foreantech, and author of seven books. He started his career as an IT professional. Ankur Mishra ventured into the Digital content platform in the year 2017 with Kavishala. He has single-handedly spearheaded many digital marketing technology platforms and currently is the Founder/ CEO of Foreantech (started in 2017). Foreantech is a services-based venture - A startup for startups.


#3. Becoming a Minimalist Entrepreneur with Gumroad CEO Sahil Lavingia

Sahil Lavingia is the founder of Gumroad, angel investor, painter, and writer.


New Masterclasses

Building Meaningful Careers at the Intersection of Music, Tech & Activism with Madame Gandhi

Kiran Gandhi, aka Madame Gandhi, is a singer, percussionist, activist and music industry thinker known for her electronic-based sound and fourth-wave feminist perspective. Gandhi has been featured on Forbes’ “30 Under 30” list and her 2018 “Own Your Voice” TED Talk has been viewed 200,000+ times. She also previously served as the first digital analyst at Interscope Records in Los Angeles.

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Voices of Climate Change with Devi Lockwood

Devi Lockwood is the Ideas editor at Rest of World and the author of 1,001 VOICES ON CLIMATE CHANGE, a book published by Simon & Schuster (Tiller Press) on August 24, 2021. Previously she worked as an editor and writer at the New York Times Opinion section. She spent five years traveling in 20 countries on six continents to document 1,001 stories on water & climate change.

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Network Capital Delhi Meet Up

Join us for a relaxed discussion over coffee to talk about one thing that we are good at, and one thing we would like to be better at. Amidst running after our career goals, let's also acknowledge what we have achieved, and let's collaborate together to help us be the best versions of ourselves!



Million Dollar Facebook Engineer Who Quit to Become a YouTuber

His polarizing views notwithstanding, Shyu has built an interesting one-person company with millions of fans doing what he loves on his terms.

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What should the governments do for artists?

As an experiment, governments should create such a fund, hire a top-notch team and see how much capital it can crowdsource from citizens. UCI must be enabled through repeated tinkering and experimentation. We won’t know until we try. Not doing anything because the process isn’t fool-proof seems will backfire hard.

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Rise of the Curator Economy: Curation as a Service

Curation is all about finding customers interested in your niche. You can demonstrate the value to your customers by a wide range of ways. The key is to add consistent value to them in ways that don’t burn you out and leave your customers delighted.

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