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Hope you had a rejuvenating weekend. We had a cracker of a week with loads of interesting discussions, fellowships and masterclasses. Here is a brief summary of today’s newsletter -

❄️ A winter morning update from the Network Capital Clubhouse Subgroup.

📢 Registrations open for the Product Management Fellowship. Fellowship starts Feb 13.

✨ Updates from the first cohort of the Public Speaking Fellowship

💌 The three key newsletters from the previous week are - 23 years of Jeff Bezos' Amazon Shareholder Letters: Key Lessons and Insights, Community Spotlight: Subscribers Doing Cool Stuff, and Seeking LinkedIn and Grad School Recommendation from Network Capital

🎥 Featured masterclasses: What Does Working In Venture Capital Really Look Like with Akshay Bajaj and Careers in Impact Investing with Oxford Alum Subhashish Bhadra

The most fun part of being a Network Capital subscriber is becoming a part of a truly global community. Yesterday morning, members based in UK - London, Oxford, Cambridge and others - woke up to a beautiful white winter morning; and all of us got to experience the joy of snow from across the world. So to start your week (and today’s newsletter), here is a visual treat from UK for you. Thank you, A, G, S. You can join city, interest and goal specific subgroups by clicking the link below.

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PS - We have been told that snow days are great for relaxing and reflection, so as we send this photo to you hope you also take a moment to relax and have fun!

The Product Management Fellowship

Product Manager is among the most interesting roles in any tech company, yet there are very few resources to people become ‘solid’ product managers.

This fellowship is designed for people interested in - 

  • Breaking into product management

  • Transitioning across industries as a product manager

  • Learning frameworks for building brilliant tech products 

  • Understanding the career progression of a product manager

All sessions of this fellowship will be lead by PMs and Product Leaders from leading tech-companies and start-ups like Facebook, Microsoft, Twilio, Google, Amazon, HealthTap - to name a few.

Along with learning, the fellowship will extensively focus on ‘doing’. All fellows will be working on their independent product analysis and design.

The fellowship starts on February 13, 2021.

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Updates from the Public Speaking Fellowship

Our first cohort of the Public Speaking Fellowship is live and in action. This weekend, our 50 fellows gave their first public debate on the motion “This house believes that tech companies should regulate governments and not the other way round”.

Here’s an image of one of the winning teams for the debate. The complete debate will be live on Network Capital TV soon.


#1 23 years of Jeff Bezos' Amazon Shareholder Letters: Key Lessons and Insights

Jeff has tried hard to work only with people he admires, and he encourages us to be just as demanding. Life is definitely too short to do otherwise. When deciding ask whether this person/ set of people will raise the average level of effectiveness of the group they’re entering?

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#2 Community Spotlight: Subscribers Doing Cool Stuff

A compilation of top 10 updates from community members. Here’s a sneak-peak.

Mihir Dalal has won the Gaja Capital Business Book Prize worth INR 15 lacs for Big Billion Startup. Do listen to his riveting Network Capital podcast on the unheard nuances of the Flipkart story.

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#3 Seeking LinkedIn and Grad School Recommendation from Network Capital

Recommendation letters are needed for MBA applications, job searches, work authorizations, exceptional talent visas, funding, book publishing etc. Sometimes one needs to provide letters of recommendation as part of an application and sometimes one needs to provide references on a platform. Letters of recommendations matter because they add credibility to your claims and provide substantive thrust to your efforts. 

We want all subscribers to benefit from meaningful recommendations from Network Capital and its subscribers. Towards that end, we are suggesting the following approach.

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Featured Masterclasses

What Does Working In Venture Capital Really Look Like with Akshay Bajaj

Akshay is a VC investor with SIG focused on South & Southeast Asian early-stage opportunities. During his tenure with SIG Akshay has focused on fintech, content, marketplace and SaaS verticals across the region. 

PS. SIG is currently hiring. If you are interested in Venture Capital, this masterclass is a much watch.

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Careers in Impact Investing with Oxford Alum Subhashish Bhadra

Subhashish is responsible for sourcing, evaluating and managing investments in Digital Identity at Omidyar Network. A Rhodes Scholar, Subhashish has an M.Phil in economics from Oxford University and a B.A. in economics from St. Stephen’s College, Delhi.

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Read what Network Capital subscriber Yogeeshwar has to say about this masterclass by Subhashish.

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