Side-Hustles, Community Updates & Amish Tripathi

The learning adventures on Network Capital

Dear readers,

This past weekend has been particularly exciting on Network Capital. We hacked a quick weekend project (London Stack), had the graduating sessions for the Community Building & Investing Fellowship, and launched the new D2C Fellowship.

We also had a string of new masterclasses and the second episode of the ‘I Wish I Knew This’ Series.

Before we dive into the details, here is a quick overview for you -

Importance of Weekend Projects and Side Hustles

We can safely see that every single person on the planet has been frustrated by something. The difference between doers, procrastinators and naggers is that doers have a bias for action, procrastinators tend to push forward deadlines to a mythical date when things will be perfect (spoiler alert: things will never be) and naggers find comfort in complaining incessantly.

Most of us happen to be procrastinators. All Network Capital subscribers are ambitious, curious and hungry. We don’t want to do things that don’t work or don’t scale. There is a reputation to protect and there is comfort in status quo.

In this newsletter, we make a case for rapid prototyping and taking micro-actions towards your frustration. Read more to know about the beauty of weekend projects and power experimentation.

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The Network Capital Fellowship(s)

This week concluded two fellowships on Network Capital - the Investing & Community Building Fellowships.

After weeks of live sessions, 1:1 mentoring, and peer-learning these fellowships provide great context for conducting micro-experiments and building your weekend projects with a community.

Here’s what our fellows have to say -

If you’re interested in joining us on these community-based learning adventure, our next fellowship starts this Friday! Join us for the D2C Fellowship.

The D2C Fellowship is curated by the dynamic duo - Trisha and Arjun Vaidya - who partnered with the $4 Billion RP Sanjiv Goenka Group in 2019. Their venture eventually got acquired by the group making it one of India’s first successful D2C exits. 

The core modules include -

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New Masterclasses

The Teenager Revolutionising Energy Access, Reyhan Camalova

Reyhan Camalova invented a product called 'Rainergy'' which harvests rainwater as a source of electricity. In 2017 she was the youngest attendee at the 8th Global Entrepreneurship Summit. We met her there and have been inspired by her grit despite the challenging circumstances in Azerbaijan.

In 2021 she got accepted to all colleges she had applied to. In June 2021, she will be mentoring the first cohort of the Network Capital Summer School.

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Fundamentals of VC & Early Stage Investing with Accel Investor Manasi Shah

Manasi Shah joined Accel in 2019 as a Senior Associate. She is part of the investment team, focused on early stage investments across the consumer and enterprise sectors.

Manasi has experience across management consulting, venture and startups. She started her career at Bain & Company in New York, working primarily on growth projects and private equity investments in the technology space. More recently, she worked in early stage venture with Learn Capital in the Bay Area (EdTech-focused VC) and Acumen in Mumbai (focused on EdTech and AgriTech), and in operational roles at startups in education (Springboard, EduBridge) and FinTech (FlexiLoans).  

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Shaping Public Policy Careers with Director of Public Policy at UMASS Alasdair Roberts

Prof. Roberts is director and professor at the School of Public Policy. He writes extensively on problems of governance, law, and public policy. His most recent book, Strategies for Governing, was published by Cornell University Press in 2020.  

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Upcoming Masterclass

The Art of Writing and Crafting Career Pivots with Amish Tripathi

Amish is an author, columnist and diplomat.

Described as “India’s Tolkien” by BBC, Amish’s unique combination of crackling storytelling, religious symbolism and profound philosophies has turned him into an Indian publishing phenomenon, with spiritual guru Deepak Chopra hailing Amish’s books as ‘archetypal and stirring’.

Amish’s 7 books till now have 5.5 million copies in print.

In 2019 he was appointed to a diplomatic role as Director, The Nehru Centre in London, India’s premier cultural centre abroad.

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