Weekly Roundup: Life-long learning, Oxford Grad Turned Stand Up Comic, Network Capital School

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🧑🏻‍🏫 Launch of the Network Capital School for pre-teens and teens

🚀 Fellowship Announcements: The CEO Fellowship and ‘I don’t know what I want to do with my life’ Fellowship

📅 Upcoming Event: Career Principles with Facebook Data Science Manager Zineb

✨ New masterclasses: The Art of Becoming Backable with Suneel Gupta and Oxford MBA turned Stand Up Comic Papa CJ

💌 Newsletters: 10 Timeless Principles for Your Career, Liquid Modernity, FOMO and Keeping Options Open, and How I had one of the most difficult conversations of my life

Network Capital School

Today we are happy to announce the launch of the Network Capital School designed to help students build their category of one in the long run. Our school will complement the ongoing education in schools and focus on 4 key aspects - 

  1. Persuasive writing

  2. Powerful public speaking

  3. Critical thinking

  4. Micro-experiments to figure your purpose in life 

Enrol Now for Network Capital School

These skills take a while to build but pay off handsomely in the long run. Classes will take place once every week. Some of the world's most distinguished practitioners will teach and mentor your children. We realize the pressure on students and plan to keep the course work manageable. Students are expected to attend classes and work for 30 minutes after each session to do the assignments.

Classes start July 10 and we look forward to the adventure ahead. Enroll now! Want a sneak peak into Network Capital School classes, watch this session with TED Fellow Rumaitha Al Busaidi.

Network Capital Fellowships

There is no formula for self-discovery. There have, however, been some attempts in the form of psychometric tests, algorithms and guided medical trials. No success stories so far but perhaps that isn’t such a bad thing. It will be a tad disappointing to know that our professional futures can be charted out by rudimentary algorithms. That said, are these rudimentary algorithms any worse than current ways of figuring out what next? Who knows…..

  1. The CEO Fellowship

  2. ‘I don’t know what I want to do with my life’ Fellowship

These age-agnostic fellowships starts on July 10, 2021. In them, we will help you learn new things, read charming content, meet interesting people and discover what piques your curiosity. No one else can tell you what you should do. The decision needs to come from you but there are some proven techniques that can help figure out the problem that needs you the most. Isn’t that what your work should be about?

Enrol in the CEO Fellowship

Enrol in the IDK Fellowship

Career Principles with Facebook Data Scientist Zineb

Join in on a session on June 23, 2021 at 3pm IST for a session on careers in tech and data science with Facebook Data Scientist Zineb Amrani.

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The Art of Becoming Backable with Suneel Gupta

Watch the Masterclass Now

Suneel Gupta is the author of the bestselling book "Backable". The book is rooted in Suneel’s journey from the "Face of Failure" for the New York Times to the "New Face of Innovation" for the New York Stock Exchange. Suneel is the founding CEO of RISE, which partnered with then first-Lady Michelle Obama to deliver low-cost healthcare services to people in need. Rise was named "App of the Year" by Apple and sold in a successful exist to One Medical (NASDAQ: ONEM). Suneel later ran for U.S. Congress and now serves on faculty at Harvard University and as an emissary for Gross National Happiness between the United States and the Kingdom of Bhutan. When a reporter once asked Suneel about his purpose, his response was to “find good people, and inspire them to do what inspires them.”

Oxford MBA turned Stand Up Comic Papa CJ

Watch the Masterclass Now

Papa CJ is an award-winning, world-renowned international stand-up comedian. He has performed over 2000 shows in over 25 countries. Forbes Magazine called him ‘the global face of Indian stand-up’ and Harvard Business Review called him ‘one of the most influential comedians around the world’. He has won awards for Asia’s and India’s best stand-up comedian.

He holds an MBA degree from the University of Oxford and is an experienced motivational speaker.


10 Timeless Principles for Your Career

Microsoft just named CEO Satya Nadella as the chairman of the board. Our founder Utkarsh has worked with him on a wide range of projects during his time at Microsoft. 

We study interesting people and timeless ideas on Network Capital newsletters. In this newsletter we list out 10 principles for your consideration.

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Liquid Modernity, FOMO and Keeping Options Open

FOMO and our obsession with optionality leads to liquid modernity. It is a powerful phrase coined by Polish Philosopher Zygmunt Bauman where we do our level best to not commit to any one identity, place or community. Thus we remain like liquid - adapting to fit any future state.

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How I had one of the most difficult conversations of my life

“Not long ago, I accidentally discovered that a close friend had been dishonest with me about some business deals we had done together. It was devastating not because of the money involved but because it was a serious breach of trust. 

I strongly believe that trust is binary - either you trust someone or you don’t. Have you ever heard anyone say, “I trust him 60%” / “I sort of trust her”. 

But are we always right about who we trust?”

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