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Katihar to Kennedy - Conversation with Sanjay Singh, India Country Director, SAI, Harvard University

Katihar to Kennedy - Conversation with Sanjay Singh, India Country Director, SAI, Harvard University

Sanjay Kumar currently serves as the India Country Director of The Lakshmi Mittal and Family South Asia Institute, Harvard University. It is an entity dedicated to connecting the University with all the countries of South Asia, prompting two-way intellectual exchange and knowledge creation.

Prior to this, he was involved at leadership positions with SEWA Movement for about two decades that organizes poor self-employed women workers in the informal economy in India. Handling twin task of establishing SEWA in Delhi and overseeing the work of SEWA Bharat, National Federation of SEWA organizations, as its Director, he led several programs including advocacy, microfinance, livelihoods, waste-management, government linkages and skills for youth, to name a few.

As a keen photographer, his inspiring images on the lives of women workers in India was exhibited at the House of Commons, London and other locations.

He is voluntarily leading Edjustice People’s Campaign to rejuvenate the state-run educational institutions.
He has been also writing Op-eds on social issues in the National Dailies.

Sanjay Kumar holds a PhD from Jawaharlal Nehru University, a Masters in Political Science from University of Delhi, and a Mid-Career Master’s in Public Administration as a Mason Fellow from the Harvard Kennedy School. Alongside, he also holds an exhaustive PG diploma in ’Social Security for the Poor’ from ISS, The Hague.

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