Introducing The Personal Branding Fellowship

The art and science of personal communication

In his Harvard Business Review article the founder of Network Capital, Utkarsh Amitabh talks about building your ‘Category of One’. The general thesis behind this is that in the 21st century will be sprinkled with multiple disruptions in work and life. Reinventing ourselves will be the most valuable skill, but reinvention doesn’t necessarily mean recreation. Those who chase every hot new trend and compete for every outcome will be exhausted. Those who build a category of one and adapt will make a tangible impact and have fun doing so.

One part of creating your 'category of one’ is to follow your curiosity (instead of passion) and train yourself to learn across disciplines. The other and the more complex part is to communicate this effectively.

To help Network Capital subscribers navigate this, we have designed the Personal Branding Fellowship to help you - 

  1. Identify your 'category of one’.

  2. Understand formats of personal communication and identify what resonates with you.

  3. Communicate your interests and work in an effective format to expand your luck-surface area.

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Dilip Cherian, who is widely regarded as the ‘Image Guru’ of India, is the co-founder of Perfect Relations, which is South Asia’s largest Image Management and public affairs consultancy group for the last 20 years, with more than 17 offices in India and across South Asia.Dilip pioneered the concept of ‘Image Management’ in the country. He is also a valued political advisor and a practising lobbyist of repute. 

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The fellowship journey

The fellowship will require 8-12 hours of engagement very week for two weeks. Live sessions with faculty members will be held on Thursday and Friday (typical at night IST); and weekdays will require work individual projects and group assignments.

  1. Reflection exercises to identify your category of one. 

  2. Fireside chats with branding legend Dilip Cherian to understanding the power of personal communication and marketing. 

  3. Public discussions and projects to effectively and tangibly communicate your interests and work. 

  4. Peer-learning with a global and ambitious community. 

  5. Timeline

    • Date: Feb 11, 2021

    • Duration: 2 weeks

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A large part of the fellowship will be community-based, with projects and group learning with other subscribers. Online learning is often lonely. That is why we are there to ensure each of you has a community to work with.

We’re going to limit capacity to 25 (15 spots remaining). Hope to see you there!

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