Hear from David Rubenstein, Manny Maceda, Nikhil Kamath

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The beauty of online education and cohort-based learning is that is allows you to learn from the best in the world.

In March 2021, Network Capital subscribers will be learning the art of investing from Nikhil Kamath (Co-founder & CIO of True Beacon and Zerodha)

Further, our friends at Oxford are hosting two incredible speakers.

  1. Private equity & investing from David M. Rubenstein (The Carlyle Group's Co-Founder & Co-Chairman)

  2. Consulting & management from Manny Maceda (Bain & Company's Global CEO).

The Network Capital Investing Fellowship

The world of investing is a black-box - as an industry it is particularly hard to break into, as a skill it is challenging to master. Through our live masterclasses, group mentoring and Q&A sessions with some of the best investors, you will graduate with a clear sense of direction, rock solid network and a community for life. Some of our modules include

  • How to break into venture capital, private equity, and trading

  • How to build your portfolio

  • How to value companies

  • Mental models for smart decision making

  • Cautionary tales and mistakes to avoid

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The Oxford Guild

We love it when Network Capital subscribers do interesting things!

Abbas is the president of the Oxford Guild and they are hosting a series of conversations with broad range of speakers including, among others, Kanye West, Bill Clinton and Malala Yousafzai.

We are super excited for the upcoming speakers, and honored to be supporting Abbas and the Oxford Guild in their initiative.

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Quote to ponder: “To speak with him was to be seduced by an invisible charisma, a sense of being listened to with such intensity that you had to be your most honest, sharpest, and best self.” E.M. Forster

Happy listening!

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