Hear from Bain Global CEO, Zerodha Co-Founder, Nobel Laureate Robert Shiller

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We love curating the best learning experience for all our community members. Today we are here to tell you about 3 live masterclasses you should watch.

#1 Live Session by Bain Global CEO Manny Maceda (Fun Fact: He joined Bain as an intern)

We are delighted to be helping our friends at Oxford Guild host Manny Maceda, Bain & Company's world renowned Global CEO, Worldwide Managing Partner, and Chairman of Board of Directors today at 7pm GMT.


Consulting remains a popular choice among our subscribers and you may remember our previous masterclasses by Bain Partner Sri Rajan. Join Network Capital’s consulting subgroup if the space interests you.

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#2 Masterclass by Nobel Laureate Dr. Robert Shiller

Nobel Laureate Robert J. Shiller is Sterling Professor of Economics, Department of Economics and Cowles Foundation for Research in Economics, Yale University, and Professor of Finance and Fellow at the International Center for Finance, Yale School of Management.

In this masterclass, you will learn:

  1. Art of finding transformational mentors

  2. What universities of the future look like

  3. Learning habits that will make you a super thinker

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#3. Lean the art of investing from Nikhil Kamath (Co-founder & CIO of True Beacon and Zerodha)

The Network Capital investing fellowship will help you

  1. Breaking into venture capital, private equity, and trading

  2. Learning how to scout potential companies

  3. Learning how to value companies

  4. Emerging as a thought leader in the investing space

  5. Building your brand

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Afterthought: “Rather optimize for making every hour meaningful, or every minute meaningful, than I would maximizing the number of hours or minutes I’m working on a thing.” Jack Dorsey

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