Nov 7, 2019 • 1HR 19M

Cracking UPSC and Leading Policy Changes with IAS Second Topper Athar Aamir Khan

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UPSC is probably the world's most competitive examination. Athar Aamir Khan got All India Rank 2 in UPSC and serves as an IAS officer. He graduated from IIT Mandi and a pivotal conversation with his grandfather in the final year changed the course of his entire career.

This podcast is divided into three parts. In the first section, Athar shares about growing up in Kashmir, his school and journey to IIT. In the second section, he discusses how and why he prepared for UPSC and talks at length about best practices for preparing for the examination. In the last section, Athar talks about his work as a civil servant.

This podcast is essential content for anyone interested in preparing for the UPSC examination, getting more productive as a professional and also for understanding how policy making works in India.