COVID Response, Side-Hustle Fellowship & The Age of Languish

The learning adventures on Network Capital

Dear readers, 

This past week has been all about COVID response, resilience, and community learning. Before we dive into the details, here is a quick overview for you - 

COVID Response

Peer-to-peer kindness is the need of the hour. 1000+ volunteers are working round the clock in the Network Capital Covid Response Group.

We have an active discord server that is being used to consolidate all COVID resources and an open form for anyone who is keen on volunteering.

This is a testament to the generosity of the NC Community. You can read more about our efforts in this NDTV Report and an OpEd written by our community member, Raushan.


The secret-sauce that makes our fellowship work is the community. It is the collective peer-to-peer support that makes learning interesting (and fun).

For June 2021, we are thrilled to bring the community learning experience of NC to The Side-Hustle Fellowship.

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We can safely see that every single person on the planet has been frustrated by something. The difference between doers, procrastinators and naggers is that doers have a bias for action, procrastinators tend to push forward deadlines to a mythical date when things will be perfect (spoiler alert: things will never be) and naggers find comfort in complaining incessantly.

In this fellowship, we make a case for rapid prototyping and taking micro-actions. The beauty of weekend projects and side hustles is that they propel us to scale down our vision into something tangible in a few hours of hacking. Instead of whining about why conditions aren’t conducive, weekend projects help you figure how badly you want to do something. Read More.

The D2C Fellowship

This weekend we concluded our Direct-to-Consumer Fellowship, lead by the power-duo Trisha & Arjun Vaidya. After two weeks of live sessions and mentoring, our 37 fellows from the first cohort walk away with lessons on operations, brand-building, and hyper-scale.

The Writing Fellowship

Writing is a factor of creativity and lots of practice. In the first session of our Writing Fellowship, our 68 fellows pitched their ideas to their accountability buddies and are now ready to embark on the journey to put pen to paper.

At the end of this fellowship, they will be pitching their articles to publishers.


Why Nova Credit with Incoming Stanford GSB Candidate Ipshita Agarwal

Ipshita started her career as an investment banker with Deutsche Bank. She spent three years in early-stage VC and impact investing, focused on ed-tech and fin-tech, with the Dell Foundation and Elevar Equity in India. She then started up in the ed-tech and content discovery space, democratising discovery of learning-based content across the web. She's headed to business school at Stanford GSB in the fall, and is currently working with Nova Credit, a Bay Area startup. Nova helps immigrants moving to the US access financial products in the US, using their home-country credit history, so they can start their financial journey in the US on equal footing.

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'I Wish I Knew This’ Series: Mishaal Nathani in conversation with Arman Sood

How often have you learned something and realized that it would have helped you in a lot of situations? How often have you wished you had known something earlier? How often have you realized that you learnt something a little too late?

Now what if I (Mishaal) told you that I had something that can help you learn a lot of the things that the future you would otherwise have wished you knew? A way to get to learn from the journey without going through the journey?

For the fourth episode, Mishaal speaks to Arman Sood, the founder & CEO of SleepyOwl.

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Network Capital Summer School

Mental Model for the week

This Summer School, learn how to think clearly and remove ambiguities in your process!

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YOLO, Languishing, Your New Relationship with Work

This pandemic changed our relationship with work. Today I am going to share some of the most thought-provoking articles on the subject and introduce you to offbeat mental models like YOLO.

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Taking Stock: 1 Year of Network Capital TV

Thanks in large part to your support and encouragement, my team and I have managed to make our passion for democratizing career intelligence a viable profession. For that, I will be eternally grateful. 

Finding your first thousand true supporters is much harder than it seems. Network Capital found all of you in the first few months and that gave us the confidence that one day, with diligence, deliberate practice and experimentation, we might be more.

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