Career Transitions: Discovering the Career-Product-Market Fit | Live sessions by Aditya Ghosh, Kaushik Subramanian

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In his latest Harvard Business Review article, Network Capital founder Utkarsh Amitabh explains that career transitions aren’t just about doing something different. It is a lifestyle redesign that often entails rethinking how you want to feel at the end of the day, how you want to spend your time, and how this relates to your longer term goals. When you feel this need for change, it isn’t necessarily related to a fancier title or more money, but your inner voice whispering that you could do more, be more, experience and achieve more.

If you’re thinking about quitting your job to make a meaningful career transition, first think about the why, the what, and the when.

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#1. Building a portfolio of careers with Aditya Ghosh | Oyo, Fab India, Indigo | Live on October 20

Aditya currently sits on the Board of Directors of Fabindia - India’s largest retail platform; and OYO, one of the world’s leading hospitality chains with presence across 80 countries. Most recently, he was the CEO at OYO Hotels & Homes- India & South Asia. Prior to this, Aditya was the President & Member of the Board of IndiGo, for ten years and turned it into India’s largest & most profitable airline. Aditya was also a Board Member of InterGlobe Hotels and InterGlobe Technologies.


Fun fact: Aditya has built a stunning culinary adventure in London. We highly recommend checking it out.

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#2. Finding the Career-Product-Market Fit with Kaushik Subramanian | INSEAD, Facebook, McKinsey | Live on October 16

Currently building products at a global fintech platform, with prior experience across product (Facebook), strategy (McKinsey) and consumer (L’Oreal). Recognized leader in tech with thought leadership in MWC, GDC, Digiday and Facebook f8. Passionate about building empowered teams and culture.

​Kaushik enjoys collecting single malt whisky, geeking out on trivia, and coaching people.

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